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TERMS: By entering into this contract, the exhibitor hereby recognizes and agrees that warwickneck.com shall not be liable in any way, either in law or in fact, for the negligence of the exhibitor or its agent or its employees; that warwickneck.com shall in no way provide insurance, indemnification or surety against the negligent acts of the exhibitor recognizes and agrees that by the very nature of this public exhibition, warwickneck.com cannot be and is herby expressly release from any liability for lost, stolen or damaged merchandise and the exhibitor hereby assumes complete responsibility for any financial loss occasioned by such loss, theft, or damage to his own wares.

• The Exhibitor is responsible for obtaining a signed and fully notarized release for any recognizable persons in their photo(s) and warrants that all such signatures were freely given with knowledge of the exhibition.

INDEMNIFICATION: The exhibitor hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and save harmless warwickneck.com, its agents and employees from any legal actions, judgments, legal fees, or costs or expenses resulting from the acts, whether negligent or otherwise, of the exhibitor, its employees or its agents during the term of this agreement. The exhibitor further agrees that he shall be fully liable for any and all damage and/or injury caused by the exhibitor, its employees or its agents to the property or person of the warwickneck.com, its employees and its agents.

I   (full name), have read and understand the above agreement of TERMS & CONDITIONS, and will hereby comply with them as a photographer/exhibitor. I also certify that the photo(s) I am submitting are my original work and have never been copyrighted or, if copyrighted, that I am the sole copyright owner and that any persons exhibited in the photography have freely given permission to the exhibitor for publication at the sole option of warwickneck.com. I am entering these photo(s) as an honest and true effort of my personal creativity and unique artistic vision, and I understand that they will be on display in public locations, published in print and on the Internet as my original work without any monetary compensation. I understand that my submissions will be reviewed by a panel prior to acceptance into the contest and if any are deemed offensive, inappropriate, animation/artwork, or of poor image quality, then they may be disqualified.

I agree to the above terms

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Caption to accompany photo (optional):             Name of photo file being sent:  

warwickneck.com reserves the right to publish all photos received and is not responsible for lost or misdirected submissions. Although caution will be exercised with all the work, warwickneck.com is not responsible for theft or damage.

Attach single photo:

Attach single photo:

Attach single photo:

Attach single photo:

Release for individuals included in photos should be faxed to 401-732-5982 - please write name of photo on the release.

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